It’s a strange time performing these days. I am hesitant to over play the new material before it’s released and don’t want to bore you with the oldies, so we’re trying something new. On June 8th at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3, we’ll be playing all songs as duets, new arrangements of some of the classics, and covers of my favorite contemporary songwriters. Join us there and bring a friend! #duets #ellewinstonlive


Back at the Billboard Lounge

Excited to announce that we are back for a performance in the Billboard Lounge at Barclays Center on Wednesday, April 3rd right after the Brooklyn Nets take on the Toronto Raptors!

If you snag a ticket to the game, let me know and I’ll make sure you get a special pass to attend the show. Additionally, I’ll be offering up a chance to win a pair of tickets to a special supporter out there, so keep your eye out for more info on that early next week!


Graphics by Carlie Winston

national anthem

This week I was asked to sing the national anthem at the Brooklyn Nets vs. Detroit Pistons game. What an adventure. I’m always reminded when I sing the anthem that words have different meanings depending on who’s voicing them. I’m moved at how deeply present I feel in our country’s story when I’m in moments like these. My America is one that belongs to the people I know, the people I love, and the people who have sacrificed so that I can stand up and sing as a free person.

The anthem is not simple, but it's a good litmus test for a singer and for a citizen. I’m so thankful for these opportunities to challenge myself and for the incredible support system that encourages me to take risks.

S/o to my family for listening to my rehearsals and giving me notes.

S/o to Missy Robles for joining me, as well as shooting and editing this video.

Elle x Rockwood Music Hall

Elle Rockwood Full Poster (1).JPG

let's sell this out new york!

My last major charge this year is to sell out our show at Rockwood Music Hall on December 12th! Our target is 175 TICKETS!

So if you're in NYC, here's what I need from you...

1. BUY A TICKET (for yourself and a friend)
2. SHARE THE POSTER ABOVE (on your Twitter/IG/Facebook page)
3. COME TO THE SHOW (and have lots of fun!)

I'll be giving away a treat at the show to the first 25 people who buy tickets, so click on the button above to purchase and then DM on any platform with a screenshot of your confirmation - only $10! 

Thanks for your support this year and your patience. I'm working hard to bring you new material and I'm so excited for you to hear it soon!

- Elle