The Deli's Artist of the Month - vote!

Happy Monday friends! I'm posting asking teeny-tiny favor to ask of you! 

I was notified last week that I have been nominated for Artist of the Month for The Deli Mag NYC - wow! 

The winner is determined by votes and if you have 2 minutes today, to swing by their page (link below) and vote for me, it would be so sincerely appreciated! 


Thanks in advance for being so great and always being in my corner! 

For those of you who've alrady voted - I see you! ;) 



We won - OMG! 

We are up on the The Deli main page banner for the rest of the month! Thank you all for your support and kick-ass voting skills. 

The Buy Back @ Rough Trade NYC

Hey folks! Excited to announce that Rough Trade NYC is now carrying The Buy Back album. For those of you who still love a physical copy and want to roll with this music in your car/home stereo - go pick one up! Means the world to us! 

You can still PURCHASE the album digitally on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Also, feel free to STREAM the project on Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music.  
Huge thanks to Michael Cady for helping to get the album in stores and thanks to Missy Robles for capturing my excitement!