The Buy Back (CD)

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The Buy Back (CD)


Elle Winston's 'The Buy Back', explores identity, power and vulnerability through the lens of her life in Brooklyn with her wife. A powerhouse vocalist and gifted lyricist, Elle Winston’s music draws from her blues filled Arizona beginnings. Her sound is a soulful blend of jazz inspired American roots music.

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This album was co-written by Alex Smith and made with the generous contributions of Granville Mullings Jr. , Todd Martino, Julian Litwack, Mike LaTona, Noah Guttell, Chris McLaughlin and Melissa Robles. 

Thank you to our amazing co-funders: 

Patricia Teeter
Emmanuel Blanchard
Catie Morales
Cami Badman
Troy Mayne
Yung Oh Le Page
Brad Howard
Abrena Winston
Sabrina D
Ana C. Fulladolsa
Adriana Di Nolfi
Jaime Stephenson
Marion Lombardi
Stacy Wood
Kristin Holcomb
Raymond Smith
Crystal Yockey
Nadeem Salaam
Arlene Rubio
Chris Plietz
Rob Saliers
Karla Stenius
Jimmie Gonzalez
Kesha Lee
Chanta Parker
Brian Dudley
Sybil  Dosty
Jaime Woods
Kiana Samia
Christina Coquia
Adrianne Dudley White
Irin Daniels
Dylan Oliver
Abigail Reiss
Audrey  Corley
Psychin Thudich
Theresa James
Isobel Aveston
Carla Gibson
Jeremy Green
Andrea Martinez
Leslie Bazaes
Rob Steffen
Alison Kasner
Mike McDearmon
Elysha Padilla