Alright, alright, alright... (Matthew McConaughey voice)! 

For the next #collabweek installment, gotta shout out the incomparable Danse of Bklyn Stickup. Danse is a Brooklyn MC who is carving out a lane for himself with intense and skillful songs. He has the flavor of New York in all the best ways and on top of all that, he's just a down right cool/hilarious person. Danse and I crossed paths through Mr. Busy Rivera and Ms. Karlie Hustle (the now infamous duo) earlier this year and started working together right away.

I had the privilege of sitting in on a couple great shows of his (had a blast) and I am now going to be featured on an upcoming track called HOWL. Super excited about this! 

Just off an amazing performance in Italy this summer, this guys is doing some really exciting things and has certainly earned his success. Please take some time and check out his music