#MusicMonday An Experiment in Song

Been sitting on so much music that I've been itching to share. Working on this new album has been so inspiring in countless ways. Though I'm still a distance from being done, I'm getting there. In the #musicmonday spirit, I'm throwing this track out there. It's called Whoa. It was the first experiment I played with for my new album. Basically, I took one simple lick and used it as a song writing and vocal exercise to spark me for the project. I wanted to create something that required a lot of vocal dexterity, but stayed true to heart of a folk song. It's super simple, but in the best ways. Very tender. This is one of the late night home recordings that I'm so endeared to. Reminds me of a time and space I was in. 

Though this won't be on the album, it definitely gets at the spirit of the project. I thought it was time to share a bit of that. I hope you enjoy! I'd love to hear your thoughts.