#MusicMonday Album Inspiration

Album Inspiration #6: A Most Unlikely Marriage 

I grew up listening to folk and blues music. I studied classical art song in college. Spent my formative years getting drunk on neo-soul and hip-hop. Continued my self-education on jazz and country roots music. I ask myself how all of those meet in me. So many similarities. So many come from similar roots and yet encompass whole worlds of their own. If I hear all of these things in the music I make, it begs the question, is there anything new there?

Is there anything uniquely me there? Figuring that out in this process. Until I do, I tap my inspiration on the artistry of all of those things. 

D'Angelo - Instrumental from Voodoo Outtakes and Extras.

Agnes, Op.59, No.5 Elly Ameling Dalton Baldwin ℗ Composer: Brahms 

She's Got Her Ticket Tracy Chapman ℗ 1988