#musicmonday Album Inspiration

Album Inspiration #3: "The Water" - Feist 

For the third installment of #musicmonday, I must share my dearest Feist. Her music is mystical to me and has such depth. This song is called "The Water" and though I'm not exactly sure what the lyrics mean (I have my theories), I've always been taken by its ability to be both heavy and light simultaneously. There is a haunting quality, but because it's paired with her soft vocals and the light vibraphone colors, it achieves an incredible balance.

She allows her vocals to soar and and her lyrics to be very forward and unhidden. There is a confidence in the melody and in the repetition that  makes me see how effective simplicity can be, when done right. 

There are also a lot of tonal surprises, some of which they achieve in the video below, but even more so in the recording. Different instruments enter and layer at interesting moments, so there's never a lull, always a rocking and motion - just like water right?! Ugh, so good. 

What do you think of her music?