#Music Monday LA Recap

She Rocks ASCAP Showcase

The first weekend of May marked a very special moment in my career. I had the honor of performing at this year's She Rocks ASCAP Showcase for women singer-songwriters. This show had an amazing line up of talent (Kate Diaz, Alyse Black & Dia Frampton (of The Voice). 

I flew out to LA on a Thursday morning LA and after a whirlwind rehearsal, performed the very next night. The crowd was amazingly supportive and loving. It meant so much to get great feedback from a room full of musicians and songwriters. The warmth was tangible. I felt like I had a place among this community of American musicians and that lifted me up!

My friends were there - Brian, Summer, Azure, Alkeme - they took incredible care of me and showed me some LA gems. The fed me too well! Could not been more thankful. I spent the whole rest of the weekend on the beach, soaking in every moment I could. Listening to Kendrick and Jojo. Also watched the #MayPac fight and watched my boxing hopes deflate. Lol! 

All in all, it will go down in my memory as certainly a 2015 highlight! Thank you to The Women's International Music Network, ASCAP, Kevin Nymeyer (guitar - came all the way from AZ like a G) and Nate Laguzza (drummer with fire). 

For those of you LA folks who missed it, I hope to be back very soon.

For my NYC people, you can catch me and my band at Arlene's Grocery tomorrow evening. Show starts at 7PM! Don't miss us.