#TBT Being In A Band

I moved to NYC four years ago and upon making that decision, one of the hardest things to face was leaving the band I was playing with - pictured above. This band shaped how I approach performing, how I engage with the music I make and taught me a lot about the dynamics of a band. 

These guys were/are passionate, talented, funny, intense and know a good beer! They made me work hard, made me laugh, made me cry a couple times and respected me very much for what I brought to the group. 

This Sunday I'm continuing my Summer In The City Tour in Central Park and performing a couple of the tunes that we used to perform together. At rehearsal last week, the songs felt familiar, but also different. Nice to feel like I've grown, but also nice to remember what it was like to play with these very special friends. 

Catch me and my current group of great players this Sunday from 2-4 PM at the Harlem Meer Performance Festival.