#MusicMonday Album Inspiration

Album Inspiration #9: What Do You Do When It Leaves You?

I've been in a tough spot lately. Day job has been demanding, relationships are demanding, relaxation is tempting, etc. All of these things are good and fulfilling, but at the end of the days, the weeks - have a way of pushing out creative time. 

When I started this album, I was in what I called a recession. I had no motivation, no will to create and it felt like a wall was in front of me. No tools to break through it. I started a book called the Artist's Way, which helped me quite a lot. Helped me move through that time and reflect. 

As I come up on what feels like the tail end of the album writing process, I feel a bit empty. Not sure if I'm tired or if I'm being lazy, but neither scenario feels good. Have I dug deep enough? Have I said all I'm supposed to say? Am I tuckering out with so much still left to do? Those are frightening questions to answer, because at the end of everyone is the reality that there's a long road ahead. 

It makes me afraid. It makes me stand still with my eyes on the ground. 

Today I'm looking for the inspiration and I'm hoping to find it. If you know of something that's inspiring you right now, please share. I could use it. 

Here's to finding it and looking up!