Show Recap: Elle Winston x Apollo Music Cafe

There are shows that come your way that feel like they are right on time. This weekend's Apollo Music Cafe show was one of those. My last experience at the Apollo was for Amateur night and that was well... an adventure to say the least! This time meant so much more. 

I'm coming up on five years and to have this show happening so naturally feels like I continue to find myself in the right place, at the right time among the kindest of folks. Hard work paying off feels good. 

Thank you so The LRC Funk Band: Les Cleveland (MD), Andrew Fisher (keys), Antoine Katz (bass) and Matthias Loescher (guitar). It was an honor to play with you gentlemen. 

Much love to Rich Johnson of Soul Factory and the entire Apollo team, for booking me and making me feel so thoroughly supported. Thank you to Melodie Nicholson who headlined this show and tore the house down. Your warmth and kindness were an example to be followed! What a night! 

To Melissa, my friends who bought tickets and the most warm and receptive audience - I'm humbled. #harlemworld 

@ellewinston was elegant & powerful tonight! #apollomusiccafe #ellewinstonlive #ellewinston

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I will be updating this post with the full live performance video in the coming weeks, so be on the look out!