Elle x Rockwood Music Hall

Elle Rockwood Full Poster (1).JPG

let's sell this out new york!

My last major charge this year is to sell out our show at Rockwood Music Hall on December 12th! Our target is 175 TICKETS!

So if you're in NYC, here's what I need from you...

1. BUY A TICKET (for yourself and a friend)
2. SHARE THE POSTER ABOVE (on your Twitter/IG/Facebook page)
3. COME TO THE SHOW (and have lots of fun!)

I'll be giving away a treat at the show to the first 25 people who buy tickets, so click on the button above to purchase and then DM on any platform with a screenshot of your confirmation - only $10! 

Thanks for your support this year and your patience. I'm working hard to bring you new material and I'm so excited for you to hear it soon!

- Elle