Heavy Now + Billboard Lounge

YO!!!! Today's the day. Thrilled today to share the first single HEAVY NOW from my forthcoming album. Man, this has been a longtime in the making, but so worth the wait! 

Little bit about this tune... The music for this track was produced by Dennis Coronel aka dcsoulplusmind. When I originally wrote the music & lyrics for this song, I had been in NYC for a couple of years and still struggling to make ends meet. I was thinking about the way that people kept telling me how great I was doing, but I didn't feel that way inside. I felt overwhelmed and strapped for cash. Great combination - ha! 

My band and I have been performing this tune live for awhile now and it has taken on a life of it's own. As we sit here, with a new president, I'm realizing that this song is a lot less literally than it originally was in my mind. It's about being defeated. It's about feeling tired and exasperated. It's about the debt we pay to be here and how we must continue to stand up, even when we're knocked down. It's heavy now, but not always

Thank you to DC for collaborating with me on this and for my band for making this track come alive in a whole new way. 

Band: Granville Mullings Jr. (drums + percussion), Julian Litwack (guitar), Todd Martino (keys) and Alex Smith (bass). Mixed by Chris McLaughlin. Mastered by Mike LaTona. 


This Sunday we are celebrating the single release and my coming birthday (Monday) with a  performance in the Billboard Lounge at Barclays Center after the Nets vs. Trailblazers game. Also excited to be singing the national anthem for the game! See you there.