Show Recap: Shrine NYC & Notes on 2015

Had the pleasure of hitting the stage at Shrine for the very first time this past weekend. In addition to being back in Harlem, it had been a month or so, it just felt good to sing to a room full of diverse people. Young, old, multi-racial, multi-national, etc. Experiencing people's response to my music is always interesting. 

On this show I partnered with LivAmp to stream the show live, which was another first for me. It was amazing to get off stage and have 30 text messages from my family members exchanging about the performance. Being that most of my family is so far away, it was amazing to have them get a chance to see me perform. 


As I close out 2015, I reflect on all the things I set out to do this year, I feel proud and a little sad. Had some great shows, put out a great video, traveled, developed relationships and had an unbelievable amount of fun. I'm very thankful for all that I've learned this year. Thankful to you all for begin such a support system and fuel to keep pushing. 

Until 2016 -


(Special thanks to Alex Smith, Granville Mullings Jr. Todd Martino, Julian Litwack, Tyrone, Danse, Jeary Sylves, Mega Ran, Habit Blcx, Tameeka Colon, Iva Kozeli, Dorrell Bradford and the incomparable Melissa Robles - all who let me be creative, gave me a platform and partnered with me to make something great!)