We only have a couple more days of 2015 left and as promised I wanted to update you on some amazing collaborations I've been a part - two of which just released! For those of you who followed October's #collabweek, you'll recall I introduced you to some of the MC's I've had the privilege of working with this year. I'm excited to share these songs with you. Born out of the spirit of creating something fresh and writing from the heart... I hope you find a connection! So, without further adieu...

"SMALL TALK" Jay Wirth ft. Elle Winston (inspired by that elusive thing we're all after)

"BEAUTIFUL" Habit Blcx ft. Elle Winston (inspired by brown girl magic - s/o to Ms. Copeland & Ms. Williams)

A huge thank you Jay and Habit for trusting me to bring a little extra flavor to your work. Can't wait to see who and where these songs travel to!