#MusicMonday Album Inspiration

Album Inspiration # 7 : Springtime in New York 

Spring has broken here in NYC. Thank god. Had I been forced to endure another week of grey, gloomy, cold and rainy weather, I might not be writing to you today. I would most certainly be curled up under a blanket in my dark room with shades pulled. Believe me, sunshine is a game changer. 

I spent this weekend outdoors. Exploring, walking, sun bathing, laughing and looking up at the sky like a 5 year old watching their balloon float away. Treated myself to great food, cabs rides with the windows rolled down and beverages on beverages. Everything looked new and fresh. It was as if I was being recalibrated. 

Spring always makes me listen to my favorite music, my bite-my-lip-and-move music! Nikka is always on that list. In my headphones this weekend was Nikka, Kendrick, Jay and a little The Script sprinkled in there. 

Feelin all kinds of sexy and drunk, it was just what I needed!  S/o to Ms. Robles for making me laugh all weekend.