#MusicMonday Album Inspiration

Album Inspiration #8: The Economy of Songwriting 

As I'm songwriting and working on this album, I'm currently OBSESSED with the ingredients: "melody, lyrics, phonetics," rhythm - all the important things that go into making something click and connect. I'm constantly trying to identify the combination which will act as the right vehicle for what I'm trying to express. Trying not to take easy routes, the simple rhymes, the recognizable and predictable. All of this is acting as editing. As pushing. As reworking, while also trusting what comes naturally. It's reaching for that extra something that you hope is there - Ha! 

Alex Smith is co-writing/co-producing my album and we had a super fun and productive songwriting session last Friday. He recommended that I check out a clinic John Mayer gave at Berklee in 2008. The video below is him talking about the "economy" of songwriting and it really hit me right where I needed today. Below is that video. For those of you interested in the process of songwriting - you'll enjoy this! 

Also, for my east coast people, tomorrow night I'll be premiering some of the news songs I've been working on for the album at Silvana at 8PM. Free show, so come and enjoy!