LIVE - Silvana Recap

My band and I had the pleasure of playing at Silvana in Harlem this past Tuesday and it was a truly fun evening! Good friends came out to hang. We debuted some new material and we did some new covers. Overall, amazing evening. There was also such great talent throughout the rest of the evening, so we made a night of it, which meant for a painful trip home, but it was worth it! 

Much love to Alex Smith, Julian Litwack, Granville Mullings Jr. and Jeary Sylves who came and shared their brilliance. Couldn't do it without them! 

Check out some video (by Melissa Robles) and some shots of the night below! 

I'll be in L.A. performing AT the ASCAP EXPO on May 1st and AT Arlene's Grocery ON MAY 12TH @ 8PM.

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