Notes on How To Make It In America

"This city is eating me alive." - Rachel

This weekend I spent Sunday watching the whole first and second season of How To Make It In America. Forgot how easy it was to breeze right through that show. The characters feel familiar. The setting is home. It rides the unlikely line of being totally aspirational and totally real. There's something about it that makes you feel like even in the wild, crowded city, you can write your own story and make a way for yourself on your own terms.  

I needed a reminder of that this weekend. After a tough show, a string of long nights at my 9 to 5, the hottest week of the summer and a terrible hangover - I was feeling like this city was truly "eating me alive."  I sat on the couch with a cold glass of water, my fan blowing and my lady and we watched the pilot. After it was done, we looked at each other with the "we can do it grin" and felt a surge of revitalization. I relished in a moment of love for my city and the memory of why we came here. 

It's Monday. I'm back on the grind and ever motivated to keep writing this story.