#MusicMonday Notes on Asking For Help

Anyone who's ever put together a sizable project knows that cost and planning is always the hardest part. I sat down with a friend of mine Shareef Clayton recently to pick his brain on putting together an album and his advice: Step 1. PLAN, Step 2. PLAN, Step 3. BUDGET, Step 4. PLAN. Ha! Good advice though. 

For someone like myself who is notoriously terrible at planning for in advance (due to my propensity for procrastination and inconsistency) and one who is even worse at asking for help - there comes a point in every project where you feel stuck. Maybe I've maxed out my output, maybe I've run out of ideas. I think the truth is that at some point in your work, you realize that you need to ask for more help! Not a fun realization. Pretty sure I've reached that point in the process of making this album. I like to believe that I have the answers, the time, the skills - and some of which I do. Frankly though, some of which I just don't. 

When I think about the people in my circle who I could turn to for help - so much talent, so much warmth and generosity - but also so busy. Who am I to take their time and energy for my work? Who am I to inconvenience them with my inequities? Yes, this is the reel playing in my head. Ultimately, I think it comes down to the fear of having to do alone versus the fear of having to be a student. Being a student requires humility and vulnerability. That requires the laying down of one's guard. 

It is in the spirit of tackling that fear that I begin this week inspired. Don't be too enthused folks - watch out, you might be getting an email from me for some help! LOL 

Have a great week, 


p.s. Listen to some good music this Monday. Started mine out with "...Goingtohell" by Miguel!