#MusicMonday Notes on Showing Up



Saturday afternoon I'm sitting on my couch. Get an email from Mercury Lounge...

ML:  We have a slot open at 10:30pm and 11:30pm tonight. Can you play?

EW: Sure! 

After a series of text messages and emails, I was able to round up the incomparable Misunderstand Band, comprised of Granville Mullings Jr., Emmanual Blanchard Jr. and Andre Forestal Jr. I arrived at the venue early and as I sat and watched the crowd slowly fade out, I started to feel like maybe it was going to be a rough evening. But as we got on stage and we started to play, a handful of people came through the doors and we played and played. What was supposed to be an 11:30pm - 12:15am set, ended up going until 1:00am! We danced, the staff partied with us and I ended my surprise Saturday night with the best show I've had all summer. It was a testament to the importance of saying yes, taking a chance and simply showing up. The music is the point. It always comes back to that. When I let the rest fall away and remember to do what I love, I realize that everything is in order. 

Thank you to Mercury Lounge for having us, The MisU band for coming through in the clutch. Thank you to Missy Robles for always being there and for the folks who came to the show and gave so much love. Cheers to summers in this beloved city!